Our Philosophy


I believe everyone should have free access to a decent meal, and free access to info and technologies with a smartphone or a laptop and hope God’s people will help me with fundraising when I setup my Non Profit to achieve this aim. Our online shop is located at Lazada

We are Technology Experts of the Internet. We can research into any technologies and find out the Roadmaps and the Potential.  We are capable of hitting a blackbox with inputs to study its outputs with 75% accuracy and to dis-assemble and re-assemble to create any technologies we want. This give us an insight and an intimate knowledge into the Future of every Technology.

We are in the process of registering our own Brand/Trademark "GENIUS" Computers, Mobiles and Tablets.

Managing Expectations

Do not expect us to solve problems from products you have purchased from other vendors that have encountered problems where the other party do not want to solve, our time is very valuable and if you are willing to pay peanuts, do expect monkeys as we are in the business of high technologies and we need to justify our dues, we do not charge for problems we are not able to solve but we need to protect our paying customers first.

I am sure there are other vendors who are interested in your business but our time and technologies are in putting our paying customers interest first, we are not a school to train others in IT, and if a job is not worth paying for, we will rightfully advise our customers, we do not believe in wasting our time and resources to drag a job just to get more money from a customer, money is last on our concerns, and likewise do not expect our customers to waste our time on irrelevant jobs.

We do not expect every job to be profit centered but at the end of the year, as long as we are not in the red, we will continue as we balance our work with social responsibilities. We are in this business to provide a good service back to society, and our ideals to keep IT affordable to the poor is our motto.

Our ideals is that the PC is a total system where hardware must work with software seamlessly without any issue, and if a job do not meet our expected standards at the lowest cost, we rather walk away from it. We have all the technologies to solve all your IT problems, but if you do not take care of our interests, neither will we take care of your interests, we do not provide cheap solutions, but solutions that is the most value-added, if you seriously want to work with us, first consider our maintenance contracts, and we will lower all your IT costs, and meet up to your expectations. The difference in Windows XP and Windows 10 is that file/print services is turned off for Windows 10 and firewall is default turned on, it will really complicate matters if one is not familar with Windows 10 OS and networking, but there is no reason not to upgrade to Windows 10 now, everything that works seamlessly with Windows XP will work with Windows 10.

*We only accept CASH, bank transfer or paypal, no terms or credit.

Advance payment Policy effective from 01.01.2011

Advance Payment Policy for all purchases effective 01.01.2011

*We do not offer credit terms for all purchases.

Due to withdrawal of credit terms by our global suppliers, we have no choice but to implement our Advance Payment Policy for all purchases. Payment can be made by visa/mastercard via paypal via our eccomerce website or via bank transfer with the following details;

Bank Transfer via DBS

DBS Current Bank Account : 025-9-046646


Drop us a mail at or call (65)87796948 after making payment.

We regret to inform you that for changing of parts for repairs of PC/Servers, advance payment is also required.

Lowest Price Guarantee/Warranty

1)      A 90 days limited warranty for services provided. If any customers have a recurring problem of the same nature, we will not charge for services rendered.

2)      The lowest price guaranteed or we will refund you the difference, subject to proof of receipt.

3)      Manufacturers limited warranty for a period of 1 year. All our products have been tested for hardware and software compatibility issues and are the most cost effective, value for money. Customers can request for an extension of warranty up to 3 years subject to a payment of additional premium.

Due to high costs of transport, we are unable to carry on onsite repairs at S$25. Charges of transport for onsite repairs have increased to S$50. You can request for collect and return service for free evaluation/quote by our courier Ninja Van for FREE. Call (65)87796948 to arrange for collection and you will get an evaluation/quotation within the same day. Repairs will be done within the next business day and we collect advance payment via credit/debit card by paypal found on the “donate” button on the left corner of our website.

Estimated Service Charges



*Format and reinstall OS(recovery) – $50

*Format and reinstall OS(from scratch) – $100

Patch Security holes – $50

Install Application Software – $25

Backup Files and Folders – From $25-$50

Recover Data – From $50-$100

Clone Harddisk – $100


Setup Filesharing – $50

Setup Port-Forwarding for running services $100

Setup and configure standard routers – $50-$100

Setup and configure standard repeaters – $50-$100

Setup and configure cisco routers – From $100/hr onwards

Setup and configure Firewall – $50-$100


Setup, install and configure OS – From $100/hr onwards

Setup, install and configure Applications – From $100/hr onwards

Backup Files and Folders – From $100/hr onwards

Recover Data – From $100/hr onwards


DB2/SQL Server/My SQL – From $100/hr onwards

*When we install the OS, we patch the OS from bugs and also install free softwares like antivirus, open office, video player drivers and make sure all programs work seamlessly, it is a very labourous job patching softwares which takes an estimated 2 hours of our time, no other vendors comes close.

For Windows PC, we can provide Free Analysis of your PC via Remote Access.

Go to Https:// and download and install the remote control software. Call us at (65)87796948 and let us know the password to access and remote control your PC. Let us check for problems in yur PC. We can therefore fix any problems found remotely from our analysis. This service is totally FREE. If you want to fix the problems found on your PC, the service is chargeable at S$50 for 1 licence for 1 year to buy the software to resolve your problems. Payment is via credit/debit card from paypal found on the “donate” button found on the left column of our website.

We can solve many software problems this way like if your PC is slow and applications start crashing, or if your PC got a lot of unnecessary temporary files, or if your PC is infected with virus or malware.

This service is provided as is without any warranty worldwide for our customers. We can provide this service only when we are available and free at our own convenience.

Transport Charges

Transport charge from 9am-9pm weekdays:S$50

Transport charge from 9am-9pm Saturday/Sunday:S$50

Transport after 9pm on weekdays & Saturday/Sunday:S$75

Transport for Public Holidays:S$75

Express Service for PCs/Servers

Transport Charges (From 9am to 9pm –
Monday to Saturday):S$75

Transport Charges (From 9pm onwards –
Everyday including Public Holidays):S$100


– Express Service Charges with 50% loading
– 4 Hours response time onsite.
– 4 Hours turnaround for repair/problem resolution.We are open 365 days a year even on holidays but except the Chinese New Year holidays(2 days). Please call to book an onsite appointment.

We support all Samsung, HTC, Huawei, OPPO Android mobiles including Apple iOS phones. Backup, Restore and Transfer all your Data including Files, Apps, Contacts, SMS, Emails, Call Logs,, WhatsApp messages from Android to Android, Apple iOS to Apple iOS without any issue. Duration of service time required, 1 day to complete. Need your mobile transfer cable. Interested? Call 87796948 to enquire if your mobile phone is supported.

We believe in long term business relationship, that is the reason we guarantee our Quality IT Support Service Assurance, we give FREE IT Support advice via email and WhatsApp to (65)87796948. If you encounter any IT problems and you need help, sent a message to we will respond within 24 hours. When we go onsite to assess any IT related problems, we only charge $50 for transport and give you an estimated costs involved. It is up to the customer to decide if he wants to carry on with the works, without any obligations. We have a six months promotion, where we waived all costs of $50 transportation by our courier EasyParcel, to collect your PCs/Notebook for repairs, and give you a quote/estimation of repair costs before we carry on with any works. If you do not agree to the charges, we will return your PCs/Notebook without any charge involved. If you agree to carry out the works, we collect advance payment via paypal on the “donate” button of our website.

Providing a Complete Suite of IT Solutions (ACRA : 53377874C)